iOS Training: Your First iOS App

Your First iOS App

Last night I conducted an after-work training session at IIN for developers looking to learn XCode and Objective-C. I’m happy to say that everybody walked out of there with a working Tip Calculator app! Topics covered:

  • Creating a new Github repository
  • Connecting XCode to Github
  • XCode overview
  • Utility App template
  • Storyboards
  • Connecting IBOutlets and IBActions
  • Basic protocols and delegates
  • Converting strings to numbers and vice versa
  • Formatting currency

Thanks everyone for coming! Looking forward to the next session…

About Martin Rybak

I am a New York area software developer and MBA with 10+ years of server-side experience on the Microsoft stack. I've also been a native iOS developer since before the days of ARC. I architect and develop full-stack web applications, iOS apps, database systems, and backend services.

4 responses to “iOS Training: Your First iOS App

  1. Martin Rybak is a fantastic, hands on, “plain english” speaking iOS developer who brings that rare human touch to computer programming. Objective C is not easy to grasp coming from the Perl/PHP/Javascript languages I’m familiar with. He explains things so well! He also possesses that quality that is tantamount to all teachers: patience.

    10/10 highly recommended.

  2. this total n00b got her 1st app built and githubbed – cant wait til next class! thank you so much! 😀

  3. themrkevin

    This was great. You basically help me break the wall of something that has intimidated me for some time now. I’ll be there for the next one.

  4. Appreciate the knowledge-sharing!

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