iOS Training: Your Second iOS App

iOS Training - Your Second iOS App

Yesterday I conducted my second after-work training session at IIN for developers looking to learn XCode and Objective-C. Everybody walked out of there with a working Note Taker app! Here’s what we covered:

  • Table views and UITableViewController
  • UITableViewDataSource protocol
  • Prototype cells
  • NSMutableArrays
  • UINavigationController
  • Segues
  • Delegates
  • Reading and writing to NSUserDefaults

Thanks to those who came! Next week I’ll do a repeat of this week’s session for those who couldn’t make it. After that, we’ll keep working on the Note Taker app to delete and reorder rows, and using model objects to store our data. See you then!

About Martin Rybak

I am a New York area software developer and MBA with 10+ years of server-side experience on the Microsoft stack. I've also been a native iOS developer since before the days of ARC. I architect and develop full-stack web applications, iOS apps, database systems, and backend services.

2 responses to “iOS Training: Your Second iOS App

  1. Great class, Martin did a great job showing us how to code in iOS. cant wait to see whats next class. thanks

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