SQLClient: A Native Microsoft SQL Server Library for iOS

SQL Server

One of things that surprised me in iOS is the lack of an open-source native library to connect to Microsoft SQL Server. ¬†When googling the topic the usual comments are “why would you do that?” and “just use a web service wrapper.” Well, there are countless business reasons to access a SQL Server on a LAN: POS, data collection, reporting, etc. Further, it’s not always possible or practical to install a web service layer (REST, SOAP, OData) to act as an intermediary. Granted, it is generally much safer to do so, but it does add a layer of complexity (and latency).

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How to Automatically Update Xcode Build Numbers from Git

Xcode provides two places to keep track of your app’s revisions: version and build. To see them, click on your Project name in the Navigator, and then click on your main build target under Targets. Click on the General tab. In this post I’ll show you how to automatically update your build numbers with every release build! First, an overview.

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